Chaussures Régence is the preferred Canadian distributor of the safety boots made by Dunlop Footwear since 2013. Dunlop provides comfortable safety shoes in over 50 countries, for people working in different industries: agriculture and fishing, food processing, construction, in the oil/gas and mining sectors. Dunlop offers the safety and the comfort you deserve, thanks to their continuous innovations and craftmanship.

Dunlop designs, develops, and manufactures only high-quality waterproof boots by combining their extensive experience in the industry with new technologies. In that respect, the company depends on you, as a farmer will have different safety concerns than a construction worker. A food processing laborer will not wear the same boots as someone working on an oil rig. Dunlop understands that. This is how they can offer you boots designed for your needs. Dunlop employees watched you work, they listened to your concerns and they invested in continuous innovations. Their boots distinguish themselves with their comfort, innovation, and protection. Dunlop combines theses three features to make unique work boots, offering you the safety and the comfort you deserve.



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