Acifort is Dunlop’s unique invention of PVC, nitrile rubber and polymers. Nitrile rubber ensures a longer lifetime and better resistance to oil, fat, blood and chemicals. Polymers add flexibility to your boot, thereby increasing comfort. For each individual industry Dunlop developed special Acifort boots, to give you the comfort and protection you deserve.

35 years ago, Dunlop reinvented rubber and made a boot out of Purofort. This unique Dunlop material has millions of evenly distributed air pockets, making it lightweight and thermally insulating. The cross-linked structure provides flexibility and strength, giving you protection and comfort while making your boots tear and wear resistant. Once you’ve tried a Purofort boot, you’ll never want something else. Promised.

In addition to protecting you from injury while on the job, your boots should provide you with the comfort you need to stand and walk all day. Dunlop, develops and manufactures high quality boots combining unique expertise with innovative technologies. Technicians and the innovation team are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and materials to ensure the comfort and protection you deserve. Discover the technologies that make your Dunlop boots unique, secure and comfortable.

When your work involves walking on uneven and slippery surfaces and climbing scaffolding, you need the right safety boot that gives you the ultimate grip. Especially for the workers in the upstream oil sector and general industry, Dunlop partnered up with Vibram to give you the best safety boot, combining our comfortable Purofort technology with a Vibram outsole.

Vibram XS WORK is a high performance compound for indoor work/service applications. It offers superior grip on wet surfaces. Being oil resistant and non -marking, Vibram XS WORK sets a new standard for slip resistance for work. Built on a Nitrile polymer base, XS WORK offers optimum oil resistance, resistance to heat, tearing all while providing the durability the consumer has come to expect from performance compounds.


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